Hodgkin House, 3-7 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JG

T:+44(0) 117 973 4543  E:enquiries@hodgkinhouse.co.uk

Hodgkin House Ltd is a company limited by guarantee

registered No 761889, England, Registered Charity No 229485


Hodgkin House is run by a charitable trust and is supported by the Church of England.


The House exists to provide a home for mainly International postgraduate students of all faiths and none. It is believed that people of different races and religions benefit immensely from the interplay of their traditions in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual trust.

The House comprises 5 Georgian terraced houses and an annex, located within a few minutes walk of most academic departments of Bristol University. The Students Union building is also close by as are a great selection of supermarkets, shops and restaurants.


In addition to 64 well equipped single study bedrooms, the accommodation offers plenty of kitchen/cooking and dining spaces for self catering purposes, ample communal bathroom and shower facilities and several recreational/leisure rooms in which you can relax. The House is open 365 days a year consequently there is no need to find alternative accommodation during holiday periods.