Hodgkin House, 3-7 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JG

T:+44(0) 117 973 4543  E:enquiries@hodgkinhouse.co.uk

Hodgkin House Ltd is a company limited by guarantee

registered No 761889, England, Registered Charity No 229485

Are the rooms’ en-suite?

No - however there are adequate shared facilities for each floor.


Do I need to provide anything for cooking?

No - the kitchens are fully equipped with utensils, pots and pans.


Do you provide bedding?

No - but we can supply a bedding pack for £25 which includes duvet,

pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillow case.


Is there internet access in the house?

Yes - Wi-Fi is provided throughout the house and included in the price.


Will there be any more bills to pay?

No - everything is included in the fees.


How do I pay my fees?

You pay monthly by either Internet banking, debit card, credit card

(there will be a charge for this).