Hodgkin House is only able to provide accommodation to Post Graduate students.


Under the terms of its constitution it cannot provide accommodation to anyone who is not studying at University.


Once your studies have been completed, you will need to leave Hodgkin House. We appreciate how difficult it can be to find suitable accommodation, so we are happy to help signpost and support  any student who has completed their education to find alternative accommodation.  Please note that we cannot accept Post Doctorates.

An application form is completed at the point of requesting accommodation. An offer is then made to you by Hodgkin House. Once this offer is accepted, there is a booking fee of £110 which is deductible from the first month’s fee. The booking fee is lost if the booking is cancelled or postponed. On arrival, a registration card is completed and other paperwork such a copy of your visa, passport, and offer letter is required and held in your file.


(28 nights or less)


  • £23 per night payable on arrival.

  • A visitor sharing a resident’s room is £7 per night (House Manager’s consent required as this applies to certain rooms only and for limited time periods)

  • Guest room £23 per night payable on arrival. This is bookable in advance.


(29 nights or more)


Our fees are £15 per night until 1st October 2020


From 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2021 - £480 per month (= £15.80 per night)

To benefit from the reduced rate a resident must commit to 29 days or more at the original time of booking

  • On admission, the amount of nights remaining in that month must be paid on arrival or in advance.

  • Full month’s fee payable by the 7th of each month. Invoices are sent out by email on 1st of each month.

  • Residents may be charged a late payment penalty of 5% of any outstanding amount per month or part of a month except when prior arrangement has been reached with the House Manager or Deputy House Manager.

All Bookings are subject to a non-refundable fee of £110. This is payable at the time the accommodation offer is made and accepted.

On arrival, this fee forms part of the first payment. The fee is not refunded if the resident cancels the booking or postpones the booking.

Mydeposit Scheme


  • Hodgkin House use mydeposits which is a Government-approved provider of tenancy deposit protection in England and Wales. They support landlords and agents to comply with the legislation and provide everyone with the confidence that deposit money is held securely for the duration of the tenancy.

  • £400.00 deposit fee payable on arrival plus the accommodation fees for that month


Payment Methods

  • Online banking (preferred)

  • Debit Card

  • Credit Card with transaction fee

FULL FEES are payable by residents away during vacations or any other trip or work or study that requires them to leave the accommodation for a period of time within their agreed period of stay.



When you have informed the office of your departure date, a date and time will be agreed when your room will be checked.


After the check has taken place, you will be advised about the return of your deposit and any costs that might be incurred due to damage, or about any outstanding fees owed or disputes that need to be settled.


If all is well with your room and there are no outstanding issues, your deposit is then refunded through the mydeposit scheme.


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