Hodgkin House, 3-7 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JG

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Hodgkin House Ltd is a company limited by guarantee

registered No 761889, England, Registered Charity No 229485

The Friends of Hodgkin House were established in 1965 and is an association of people who believe in the value of personal friendships between individuals of different nationalities. The Friends offer hospitality to the residents by arranging social events throughout the year such a Sunday teas, theatre visits, skittles evenings, the opportunity to attend Christmas events and a spring coach outing.


Sunday 29 Sept

2.30pm - City Walk and afternoon tea


Sunday 13 October

4.30pm - Sunday Tea


Friday 18 October

Redgrave Theatre - Singing in the Rain


Saturday 26 October

7.00pm - Welcome Meal for all new students


Sunday 3 November

6.00pm - Skittles and meal at Eastfield Inn


Monday 18 November

9.00pm - Tea with Residents and Friends of Hodgkin House


Sunday 1 December

3.00pm - Nativity Play at Cotham Parish Church and 5.00pm - Sunday Tea with Christmas theme


Wednesday 18 December

12.45pm - Tour of BBC in Whiteladies Road



Sunday 26 January

4.30pm - Sunday Tea with the Bishop of Bristol


Saturday 8 February

12.00pm - Visit to SS Great Britain


Sunday 16 February

4.00pm - Sunday Tea (Christ Church Clifton)


Sunday 8 March

4.30pm - Sunday Tea with talk by Douglas Cheung


Saturday 21 March

1.00pm - Wills Tower trip followed by afternoon tea in Bristol Museum


Friday 3 April

7.00pm - Trip to Everyman Cinema to see new James Bond film


Saturday 25 April

9.00am - Spring Outing to Stratford Upon Avon


Sunday 17 May

4.30pm - Sunday Tea 


Saturday and Sunday 13/14 June

Secret Garden event


Sunday 28 June

2.00pm - Picnic on the Downs

"Thank you staff and fellow housemates for making my stay at Hodgkin House a home from home experience! The camaraderie, fun, kindness and support were never ending. It is hard to leave!"