Hodgkin House, 3-7 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JG

T:+44(0) 117 973 4543  E:enquiries@hodgkinhouse.co.uk

Hodgkin House Ltd is a company limited by guarantee

registered No 761889, England, Registered Charity No 229485

Jacqui Burvill - House Manager


The day to day management of the house is the responsibility of the House Manager, Jacqui Burvill. The House Manager has a full time Deputy, a Housekeeping team and a maintenance person. Their aim is to provide a safe, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all the residents. It is the desire of the Management Committee that all residents will benefit from, and contribute towards, this very special atmosphere, making their stay an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

The House has a team of Senior Residents who support the House Manager out of office hours.

When the House Manager and/or Deputy are not on duty, there will be details on the office door of which senior resident is on duty and where to find them.