Hodgkin House, 3-7 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JG

T:+44(0) 117 973 4543  E:enquiries@hodgkinhouse.co.uk

Hodgkin House Ltd is a company limited by guarantee

registered No 761889, England, Registered Charity No 229485



Residents will be encouraged to pay their accommodation fees either by credit/debit card or online.


For credit cards a charge of 1.6% commission will be made.


We only accept cash payments in exceptional circumstances.


(Hodgkin House reserves the right to charge interest at 5% on the amount outstanding from the date on which such a sum becomes due until payment is made in full.)



Long Term Residents (over 4 weeks)


From 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2019 £15 per night

NOTE there will be no fee increase in October 2019 to September 2020 - fees remain at £15 per night


To benefit from the reduced rate a resident must commit to 29 days or more at the original time of booking


  • £300.00 deposit fee payable on arrival plus the accommodation fees for that month

  • Full month’s fee payable by the 7th of each month


  • Residents will be charged a late payment penalty of 5% of any outstanding amount per month or part of a month except when prior arrangement has been reached with the House Manager or Deputy House Manger


Short Stay Residents (28 nights or less)


£21.00 per night  - payable on arrival.


Visitors - Residents' visitors sharing their room

£6.00 per night with House Manager's consent.


Notice of Departure
Four weeks written notice of departure should be given, or four weeks payment in lieu of notice will be charged.


Retainer Fee

A retainer fee of £10 per day is payable by residents away for a minimum of 28 nights. Room keys are to be left in the office on the day of departure. Residents paying a retainer fee must return to Hodgkin House for a minimum period of FOUR weeks. Notification of intention to pay retainer fees must be given at least TWO weeks in advance or FULL fees will be charged.


If any resident shall be in breach of any of the Conditions of Residence as set out in the booklet, or shall have behaved in such a way as to be detrimental to the well being of the House, residents, or staff, the House has the right to give notice in writing to the resident and require such resident's immediate departure.


Hodgkin House reserves the right to give any resident four weeks written notice to leave. Such notice may be given at any time.