Covid-19 update

Following a period of furloughing, we are happy to say that our team is back!

You will see some changes as we are all staying alert and keeping 2m apart. Our team have signs to show areas that they are working in when cleaning and Joanne and Jacqui have separate offices for this period.

We continue to use our cleaning protocols to keep the house safe and clean. This does mean there are some restrictions, so all the communal areas are off limits at the moment and there are restrictions to the number of students that can use the kitchens at any one time, again to help keep everyone safe. It’s been great to see all the students coming together and helping with this and understanding the importance of social distancing.

Thank goodness for our fabulous garden as this has plenty of space and seating and lots of the students have been enjoying the recent great weather by sitting in the garden.

We are accepting applications from post graduate students and we understand that identifying the exact time of arrival is difficult, but we are doing our best to provide people with provisional offers at this time until we know more about University start dates.


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