Community connections

Aren’t connections in a community a wonderful thing?

Thanks to one of our Trustees who was aware of a person in the local hotel trade, we are delighted to announce that we can offer good rates to students who may need to quarantine on arrival in the UK.

We thank Tim Melling, the Clifton Hotel Revenue Manager for the work he has done with his team in risk assessing how they would accommodate people who need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in the UK.

We know this is not going to be an easy thing for any students coming to the UK for the first time and having to comply with the restrictions, but we will be able to offer the students who do need to quarantine some virtual support and be able to set them up with links to food deliveries and other support networks. We’ll also keep in touch on a daily basis when the student is here to help them feel a part of the Hodgkin House family.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new students as we adjust to the ‘new normal’!

In other news… everyone who shops in the UK will need to wear a face covering from Friday 24 July – here’s how to make your own – a much greener way to comply than buying a mask!


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