Happy 35th Anniversary Hodgkin House!

Can it really be 35 years ago in August 1985 that Hodgkin House came into being from the amalgamation of Meridian Hall and St Brigid’s?

Both of these Houses were set up in the 1960’s when students were coming to study at University and accommodation was so difficult to find at that time.

There were a lot of changes made to the House to join the two together, so that affordable accommodation could continued to be offered to post graduate students at Bristol University. We had planned a wonderful party to celebrate this anniversary, but sadly had to cancel this due to Covid 19.

This year sees us welcoming students to Bristol and Hodgkin House as usual, but with a twist, as some students will have to self-isolate in other locations before they can move in with us here. We still aim to offer the same warm welcome and opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures and share these experiences and we’ll be offering lots of support to those students who have to self-isolate before they can stay here.

The Friends of Hodgkin House have been so helpful and supportive over the years, providing events and meals for students and this special relationship is part of what makes Hodgkin House so special. I recently put up a picture of one of these events on our Instagram page and was so surprised to receive a comment from someone who recognised two of their lecturers from their home country, who were students at the time staying at Hodgkin House.

It’s been very humbling to read some of the latest comments made by students who are now leaving us to return to their home countries, we shall miss you all so much and thank you for everything you have brought with you and shared with us.

We know the reach of the students who have stayed at Hodgkin House has been far and wide – long may it continue!

Happy Anniversary Hodgkin House!!!


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