Happy New Year!

Well, 2020 certainly gave us a few surprises!

The year really started to change from March onwards as we saw students leave to go home before their borders closed and others having to stay with us in Hodgkin House as they could not get home.

It was a year I shall never forget, due to the incredible support and team spirit we saw. Staff were unable to come in during lockdown and the everyone in the House helped keep Hodgkin House a safe and clean place to live. Some even enjoyed the experience!

The garden really came into its own and was enjoyed by so many and we even grew a small amount of vegetables.

We saw hardship due to the extraordinary circumstances people were put under and we were able to support where we could.

We saw new friendship groups form and real sadness as people said their goodbyes.

A sincere and heartfelt 'Thank you' to all the students, our amazing staff team, the dedicated Friends of Hodgkin House, St Brigid's League, and last but by no means least, The Trustees of Hodgkin House. You are all incredible and from all of us here to wherever you are reading this, Happy New Year, sending best wishes of peace and joy to you all.


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