Home from home...

I’ve been reminded this week how long it has been from some of our students since they have seen their families and spent time with them - having been confined to a relatively small space in the lockdown has been hard for everyone.

Our second Friends Virtual tea is taking place this Sunday, with a theme about Home Countries, we’re hoping to see a lot of people on screen reminding us what they love about their home.

It’s been great to be able to open up the House a bit more this week, as social distancing changes. Our guest dining room can now accommodate two people at a time to study or eat, in addition to the library where currently, one person can study at a time.

The TV lounge is now open for groups of two and was in use within about 15 minutes of it opening today! The pool table room is now back open, but we’ve decided that the table tennis room will have an alternative use for a short time. We are making this into a relaxation zone, with yoga mats available. Additional chairs have been added to the dining tables in the kitchens, so more people can meet and catch up with each other.

Finding an alternative space to be in other than a bedroom is a challenge given social distancing, but we are open to suggestions and ideas to help make Hodgkin House even more of a home from home!


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