Senior residents and Hodgkin House

This month we said a sad farewell to Nahida, who has served as a senior resident in Hodgkin House since 2017.

The role of a senior resident is an important and helpful one, as they take responsibility for the House when the House Manager and Deputy House Manager are off duty.

There are a team of five senior residents, with one on duty each evening and at set times over the weekend. This means that if any student has a query or needs help, then the senior resident can provide information, advice or support.

Management are always on call and the senior resident will contact them if needed.

Last week, the senior residents took part in a zoom call with our local police team.

We discussed Hate Crime and how to provide support to students who may experience this. This was a really interesting session where we learnt about a website called This site can be used to log valuable items to its owner, so if you lose or have something stolen, the police can trace the owner if it found.

We also learnt about an organisation called SARI which can provide information and support for people who experience Hate Crime – which can include ethnicity, gender and age.

As a result of the session, we are going to provide a fact sheet to the students on arrival at Hodgkin House to help them keep safe and know what to do if they see or hear something or if this happens to them.

Grateful thanks to David at for taking the time out of his busy day to talk to us!


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