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 In 1985 the buildings comprising 3–7 Meridian Place were renamed to commemorate the work of Thomas Hodgkin, an archaeologist and specialist in African and Arabic studies and his wife Dorothy, who was a former Chancellor of Bristol University. Hodgkin had a distinguished career as a chemist where she pioneered research techniques in X-ray diffraction crystallography. She was part of a team who revealed the structures of penicillin, of Vitamin B, of vitamin D, cholesterol, and, most famously, insulin.


She was also an early user of computers, vital in unraveling the complex structure of insulin which took her 34 years to complete. She worked at the very frontiers of knowledge. Before coming to Bristol, whilst at Oxford University, Dorothy was awarded the Nobel prize for Chemistry. Dorothy Hodgkin even had a British 20p stamp printed in her name. You can read more about her here.